Your marketing spend.


Gain Insight

About your customers.



Their journey online, 
across multiple platforms 
and marketing channels.

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100X Faster Processing Speeds

AuriQ Essentia is a brand-new specialized data processing engine that can analyze big log data more than 100 times faster than typical Hadoop based systems.

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AuriQ Brings Value from Big Data Logs

In all cases, gains in terms of time to prep, load and process data were 10-1000 times faster at one-tenth the cost of their pre-existing solution.

AuriQ Essentia

AuriQ Essentia is a revolutionary new technology that gets you from daunting data overload to actionable marketing intelligence faster and at a lower cost.

Take control of the rapidly growing volume of data from your ad, web and other log sources, and use that information to confirm and improve your business decisions.

  • Validate your marketing spend
  • Gain insight about your customers
  • Trace their journey online, across multiple platforms and marketing channels

AuriQ’s innovative programming sets new standards for processing big-log data 


Process Terabytes, even Petabytes, of log data quicker and at a lower cost than other tools currently on the market.

Analyze big log data more than 100 times faster than the typical Hadoop based systems.

And, with AuriQ you don’t have to rely on your IT staff to perform tedious processing tasks.


Cloud Based and Easy to Use

images-2AuriQ Essentia is a cloud-based service on Amazon AWS. This keeps the cost low, eliminating the need for up-front technology investments.

Getting started with us is simple. Just upload your log data, AuriQ Essentia will clean, join, analyze and output actionable data based on your specifications. After processing your data is stored in a data cube that marketers and business users can input into their analysis and reporting tool of choice.

Interested in learning more about AuriQ Essentia big log processing capabilities, or do you have a project in mind already?

Our team of experts are ready to assess your data analysis needs and help you determine whether or not AuriQ Essentia is the right option for you.

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