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AuriQ Announces Release of a Free Version of Pivot Billions

AuriQ announces the release of a free, downloadable Docker version of their Pivot Billions data analysis software for fast and easy data wrangling and analysis.

PASADENA, Calif. September 06, 2018

Based off AuriQ’s powerful cloud-based solution, Pivot Billions, that allows any user to quickly explore billions of rows of data in real-time with spreadsheet style pivot tables and charts; this local install version shares the same features for analyzing data sets in the range of tens of millions of rows. With drag and drop features and intuitive spreadsheet-like interface, data wrangling becomes much easier and faster.

The local version is a great companion to the cloud-based Pivot Billions as it allows users to be able to analyze the files residing locally on their PC without having to move data into the cloud. Users can do their initial exploration, transformations, calculations and other aspects of data preparation and analysis quickly and efficiently, right on their desktop or laptop before applying to larger data sets in the cloud version. It is also a great complementary tool for other BI and visualization tools as a more efficient means of combining multiple data files into a cohesive single file that is better consumed by tools such as Tableau or Power BI.

Anyone can download and immediately begin benefiting from this powerful solution by going to the Pivot Billions website ( and following the installation instructions. It is entirely free to use, and because it runs on Docker, it can be used on any Windows, Linux or Mac OS based system.

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