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AuriQ Announces Release of Essentia Data Lake Viewer on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Essentia 3.0 by AuriQ, enhanced with a new Data Lake Viewer UI, enables visibility and analytics in and across Azure Blob and AWS S3 cloud data lakes.

Pasadena, CA – June 23, 2015 – AuriQ Systems, Inc. has added three key innovations to its latest release of Essentia, a cloud based big data management and analysis solution.  These features help to address the problematic issues of data visibility and analysis of cloud based data lakes on Microsoft Azure Blob and Amazon S3 data repositories.  In particular, Essentia has significant performance advantages over similar big data solutions, such as Hadoop, when dealing with raw, compressed log files.

Easy to use web UI for ad hoc organization of data objects in both Blob and S3.
The new web UI, that launches with the virtual machine image in either Azure or AWS, allows any business user to connect to their cloud data stores, and create ad hoc categories from their raw data based on simple pattern matching rules.  Data categories are scanned and characterized upon creation, giving an overview of the number of files, data size, and basic structure of the raw data.  This feature enables users to quickly and easily create their own metadata database of the files that they are interested in working with.

Direct query to raw data support “as-is”
A distinctly unique feature of Essentia, is that the raw data, even in compressed format, can be queried by SQL.  A user can quickly filter and view target datasets, get aggregate counts and identify uniques.  This is all done with the original data remaining in-place and as-is in their Blob container or S3 bucket, without having to prepare and load anything into a database beforehand, greatly simplifying and expediting preliminary data exploration tasks.

Data migration across Azure and AWS storage repositories
A common problem when working with multiple clouds is being able to migrate data from one platform to the other.  Typically, this is a very slow and tedious process of downloading and copying data into each data store separately.  With Essentia 3.0, a simple file migration tool, available from the command line, allows users to select contents of either whole containers/buckets or specific data categories from one platform and copy them over into the other.  By choosing faster EC2 or Azure Virtual Machines to run this operation, you can very quickly move data over from S3 to Blob or vice versa without having to store in an intermediate location.  By being able to select data by category, this can help to minimize the data transfer out costs by only moving the target data and nothing else.

Azure and AWS certified solution
AuriQ is an APN Technology Partner and an Azure Premium  ISV.  Essentia 3.0 is available now in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and will be available in the AWS Marketplace in early July 2015.  Getting started is free and easy, with trial versions available.

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June 23, 2015