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Essentia’s New AMI: What You Need to Know

Link to Essentia 2.1.7

Essentia on AWS Marketplace

There’s a new version of Essentia available on the AWS Marketplace! The upgrade from version 2.0.21 to 2.1.7 includes a few key changes.

First, Essentia now works on HVM instances instead of PV instances. This allows users to take advantage of Amazon’s newer generation of instance types, and makes security management much easier. Second, the new version of Essentia provides many new features including the ability to stream, clean, and move massive amounts of data from S3 data stores directly into a Redshift data warehouse. This streaming capability works effortlessly, regardless of compression type, and without the need to generate intermediate files or write complicated code.

The AWS community site contains a free version of the AMI that limits use to a single instance at a time. You can also use the fully scalable version of the AMI by signing up for a free trial.

If you need any help transitioning from a deprecated PV instance to an HVM-backed instance, check out AWS’s recommended Upgrade Paths