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Essentia On AWS

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Achieve Near Linear Scalability

10 nodes    365 GB      5 min

10 nodes    3.1 TB     88 min

50 nodes    20 TB      55 min


Solve Your Big Data Problems

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Are these the issues you face when it comes to your data?


  • Buried by Big Data
  • Running Analysis takes hours to days
  • Development takes days to weeks
  • Rigid Format Requirements
  • Limited Analysis
  • High Cost

Essentia is the solution for your data analysis woes!


  • Parallelizes your load
  • Processes TB’s of data in less than an hour
  • Low development time (no Java)
  • Log Format Agnostic
  • Scales effortlessly
  • 1/10th the Cost

How Does It All Work?

Essentia combines the traditional log processing steps

Extract &  Uncompress ⇒

Cleanse & Normalize ⇒

Join Data Sets ⇒

Run Analyses

into one continuous, fluid step



Raw Compressed Logs

  • 100%

Actionable Business Intelligence

that saves time and money and comes packaged in a single, easy solution

Essentia Redshift Module

Dramatically improve data processing and load times into Amazon Redshift

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Essentia on AWS

If you already use Amazon Web Services for data storage, then it’s incredibly easy to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of Essentia. Choose, Merge, and Parse your files on S3 to get the data you want and then analyze the data however you want so you can get the optimal results in the minimum amount of time.

Manage Logs

Keep track of your files on S3 using a series of categories created by easy-to-define rules and stored in a small database file in your S3 bucket.


Import data from these files freely using your ec2 instances and use Essentia’s powerful preprocessing tools to combine, filter, and modify your data as you see fit. Quickly and easily process your data regardless of its compression and use your categories to pick exactly the files you want to analyze.


Essentia parallelizes the data you want to analyze in-memory across your ec2 instances and employs the operations you specify to merge, group, aggregate, and more!


Results from preprocessing or query analysis can be saved as files back on S3 for easy integration with any BI tool within the AWS marketplace.  You can also utilize API’s to feed the data directly into your DW, RDS, or BI applications.

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