Apache, Blog Archive, Tableau, Use Case / 23 July 2015 / Ben

Tableau and Essentia

A common “big-data” workflow requires reducing a vast amount of complex data into a form that can be easily visualized. With AuriQ Essentia, your data from the cloud can be efficiently parsed, cleaned, and reduced directly into Tableau Extract files (.tde) to generate interactive and compelling visualizations.

Take, for example, this Tableau Dashboard created from web server logs processed with Essentia. This visualization presents data from individuals visiting specific pages and contains two dashboards: “Visitor Analysis” and “Pages by Time”. In the “Visitor Analysis” tab, you can see what browsers were being run, how long visits lasted, and what operating systems were used. In the “Pages by Time” dashboard, you can analyze trends over time by day, day of week, and hour.



The purpose of organizing dashboards with a unifying theme, such as visits or time spans, is to add more context and valuable insight that wouldn’t be gained by disjoint or separate groupings. Different color schemes and quick filters also help incorporate more detail and increase the level of interactivity available to the viewer.


Below are links to various examples of log data converted to dashboards using Tableau and Essentia:

  • Access Logs : Visualize visitor information and measure your site’s usage and load over time.
  • Mail Logs : View time-based trends in message counts and use filters to analyze most prominent senders and receivers.
  • Error Logs : Observe number of errors encountered by IP address, over time, and by categories.
  • Secure Logs : Examine log counts over time, as well as, most common two-word search phrases and programs used.

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