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AuriQ Announces the Release of Pivot Billions

Pivot Billions by AuriQ is a cloud-based SaaS solution that can analyze billions of rows of data in real-time through easy to use pivot tables. A spreadsheet-like user interface makes it simple and intuitive for any business user.


Today, AuriQ announces the release of Pivot Billions, a cloud-based SaaS solution that can analyze billions of rows of data in real-time through a spreadsheet-like user interface.

The business intelligence (BI) and analytics market has tried and failed to keep pace with the increased demands of big data by creating a wide variety of tools that promise the ability to explore and analyze large datasets.

In spite of such tools, enterprises find that effective, real-time analysis of datasets larger than a hundred million records encounter considerable performance limitations.

“During the development of Pivot Billions, we worked with several global enterprises that were unable to process the large datasets they needed to analyze,” stated Ko Ikudome, CEO of AuriQ. “After piloting Pivot Billions, they were able to immediately gain real-time visibility into this critical data, resulting in significant time and cost savings.”

AuriQ’s user interface resembles spreadsheets, including their popular pivot tables — making the tool accessible to most business users. The solution’s fast and interactive drag and drop capability enables non-technical users to analyze and view large datasets from multiple perspectives, resulting in better, more meaningful insights.

AuriQ is offering a free trial of Pivot Billions to qualified enterprise organizations. Interested organizations may request a trial via the Pivot Billions website at

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November 30, 2015