November 7, 2016

AuriQ announces release of Essentia 3.2, Big Data Analysis Platform

Essentia expedites big data analysis by virtualizing data in cloud data stores.

Pasadena, CA – November 7, 2016 – AuriQ Systems, Inc. announced the release of Essentia v3.2, its data management and analysis platform. The latest release includes a variety of improvements and features to help data scientists and analysts to more effectively explore and analyze vast quantities of disparate data without having to cleanse or normalize data first.

Among the many features included in the latest release is support for the popular container service Docker, allowing users to install Essentia to any PC or server regardless of OS. Version 3.2 also includes support for the ELK stack that allows users to easily connect to over 200 databases and applications including Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Twitter, Salesforce and FB.

“Essentia’s data virtualization technology enables data scientists to analyze big data immediately from even dirty, dark, and raw data,” said Ko Ikudome, CEO of AuriQ. “It saves enormous amounts of time, up to 80%, of big data analysis projects which also results in big cost savings.”

Essentia 3.2 is available on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure with free trial versions available. It is also available for download locally as a single instance version at

About AuriQ Systems, Inc.

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