Big data is dirty and messy

If you are tired of spending more than half your time trying to cleanse, transform or join unstructured data, then Essentia is the solution for you. By using the Essentia platform, you can get clean usable data to feed and power your analysis quickly, efficiently and affordably.

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How Does It Work?

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Connect to data on multiple cloud data stores across platforms and group them into a logical cloud data lake.

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Browse data files, characterize underlying structure, sample contents, perform preliminary pre-processing and more.

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Organize your data into virtual categories without having to waste time trying to change or modify the original raw files.

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Run SQL like queries directly on raw data even while compressed. Get counts. Find uniques.  Filter, aggregate and export out to Excel, Tableau or other tools.

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Analyze data in-place and as-is. Cleanse, blend, transform and analyze any number of data categories. Output results to S3 / Blob or stream to other tools or databases.

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Essentia can be run on virtual machines in the cloud enabling limitless scalability. Users can process and analyze petabytes of data as easily as working with a single file.

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