AuriQ Essentia: Getting to the Essence of Big Data

AuriQ Essentia enables companies to obtain valuable information from unstructured and semistructured big log data by dramatically increasing processing speed and efficiency.


Ground Breaking

In memory processing, and massive parellelization enables AuriQ Essentia to analyze big log data more than 100 times faster than a typical Hadoop based system.

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A Low Cost,
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Big log analysis made easy and affordable, Essentia is cloud base, just give us your data and we’ll do all the heavy lifting, giving you clean, actionable results.

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A top online marketer needed to improve their analytics offering and organize their big log data overload. Essentia streamlined their processing, and offer.

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Meeting the Challenge of Big Log Data Analysis for Marketers

The marketing and advertising landscape is changing. Online and mobile marketing channels are generating more data than the modern CMO can handle. New Systems are popping up left and right to help manage the growth of big log data but one stands out amongst the rest. AuriQ Essentia is setting new standards in data processing speed, efficiency, and ROI.

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