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Essentia brings clarity and insight from Big Data, Complex Data, and even Dark Data

What is Essentia?


Essentia is a cloud based solution designed to simplify and accelerate the process of managing and analyzing structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources. Designed from the ground up to address common issues when working with Big, Complex and/or Dark data, Essentia combines innovative software and data processing techniques with in-memory and parallel computing, to achieve performance gains at every level of the data analysis workflow.

Data Preparation

Cleanse, blend and harmonize data from heterogenous sources

Data Exploration

Browse, sample and query directly from raw data, in-place and as-is.

Data Analysis

In-memory database integrates with popular analytic tools such as R, Python, Tableau, & more

Works with data remaining in-place and as-is.

Essentia changes the paradigm of most data processing workflows by working directly from the raw data that resides in large distributed cloud based data stores like Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure Blob.

Working with data stored in its native, original format, ensures data immutability and allows users to work with a “single version of truth” as the launching point for any data analysis task.

Essentia Optimized for Cloud Services

If you already use Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Cloud or a hybrid, then it’s incredibly easy to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of Essentia.

Manage Data in S3 & Blob

Connect to multiple S3 buckets and Azure Blob containers with Essentia and instantly create virtual data categories that can be used iteratively for data processing and analysis jobs without changing or moving original data files.

Scale with Virtual Instances

Scalability and flexible pricing for EC2 and Azure VMs instances makes scaling out Essentia very easy and affordable. It’s just as easy to process and analyze a few gigabytes as it is to work with terabytes of data.

Pipe Data into DB, BI and more...

Connect to data at any stage of preparation, integration & analysis in Essentia and pipe directly into Redshift, SQL, Tableau, and any other DB or BI tool running on the cloud for immediate insight into your data.

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