100x Faster Analysis of Log Data,

Regardless of Type, Size or Complexity

Cloud Based Solution

Essentia is a cloud based solution that runs on the Amazon Web Services platform, making it fast, scalable and affordable.

Highly Parallel Processing

Parallel processing across multiple server nodes for scalable performance.

In-Memory MapReduce

MapReduce jobs are incredibly easy to write (no JAVA) and execution is blazing fast.

S3 File Management

Scan and categorize files in S3. Turn existing unstructured and compressed files in S3 into a meta-database, providing fast, easy access to your original data.

Streaming Unzip

Streaming unzip lets you work from compressed files without having to completely decompress before beginning processing.

Fast Query Processing

Compared to other solutions, Essentia can achieve 100 times faster query processing.

Fast, Scalable, On-Demand Batch Processing Solution for Big Data

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Essentia can make any data exploration job faster and easier.

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How Does It All Work?

Essentia combines the traditional log processing steps into one continuous, fluid step that saves time and money and comes packaged in a single, easy solution

Essentia on AWS

If you already use Amazon Web Services, then it’s incredibly easy to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of Essentia.

Manage Logs in S3

Keep track of your files on S3 using a series of categories created by easy-to-define rules and stored in a small database file in your S3 bucket.

Load Data Into Redshift

Fast and simple tools to prepare raw compressed data from S3 data stores to load directly into your Redshift cluster.

Scale out with EC2

Scalability and flexible pricing for EC2 instances makes scaling out Essentia for pre-processing and analysis tasks very easy and affordable.

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